Common Questions

1.Where are we located?

We are based in YangJiang China,a city near GuangZhou in GuangDong Province in China.

2.How do we receive payment?

We receive payments from overseas via Paypal,we deal with US dollar mostly.

3.How do we communicate?

We communicate with clients from overseas mainly via emails,Skype,MSN....etc.

4.What time do we work?

We work from 9am to 6 pm during week days.We can also work over time if needed.

5.How long can a rendering be done?

Normally a rendering can be done in several days if there is not too many comments.

6.What's the work flow like?

1)We quote and agree with the price.

2)We get started with the modelling after we get the 50% deposit.

3)We start to add the material and colors after we get your approval on the modelling and camera angle.(This may charge additional if you still want to change the camera angle or modelling after we come up with the material draft)

4)We render the final size image and add in the landscaping and do the final adjustment and effects.(This may charge addtional fee if you still  want to change the modelling,materials.colors or camera angles after we finish the image.)