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Small house decoration skills, maybe it can help you!

发表时间:2018-08-07 10:56

Principles of small apartment decoration1 Abandon the principle. Don't hesitate to throw away those items that you fantasize about needing one occasion but haven't touched in a year or two. Calculate your house price, what does every square meter mean, space is wealth.2 Color principles.The same color should be used for the kitchen, bedroom, and living room, and the color should be light and elegant. The unity of color can make the space look clean and tidy. Exaggerated colors and designs can make a small space appear more cramped.3 Lighting principles.In a small living room, letting the light shine softly on the ceiling of the room from bottom to top is much more pleasant than direct lighting from top to bottom. In a small living room, the direct light source is only suitable for use on the workbench and around the room.4 furniture principles.Placing tall furniture items in an otherwise small space can make the room appear smaller. Therefore, it is advisable to choose low furniture that saves space and has a unique personality.