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Why are some comanies are cheaper than us?

发表时间:2018-08-07 10:54
Why are some companies cheaper than us?Many salesmen are trembling when bargaining with customers, especially when the customer's target price cuts your quotation in half, there are thousands of grass mud horses galloping in their hearts, can they still negotiate the price happily! ! ! Then judge with extreme anger and contempt that the customer will not place an order for you, because his target price is lower than your cost price! Emma, who would do this kind of business! However, when the customer shows you the quotations from other factories, you will be immediately caught off guard.      Then the question comes, what should we do in the face of this vicious price war, how can we get back the order. Today I will tell you about this strange phenomenon from the root cause.If you are sure that 95% of the quotations of companies in this industry are similar to yours, then please keep in mind a basic principle, which is also the experience of our company after many years of walking in the rivers and lakes. Make a move.