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Modern minimalist interior design with a small fresh kitchen.

发表时间:2018-08-07 10:56
Modern minimalist interior design with a small fresh kitchenSpace often has a very special style to make people feel happy. The design of this kitchen is light green and white, and it looks more refined after decoration. We together look!01. The ceiling is decorated with downlights, the floor is made of patterned tiles, the walls are painted, and only the back of the stove and the back of the countertop are treated to prevent water. The connection between the kitchen area and the outside is transitional using buckles.02. The cabinet box is light green, and the high-brightness color makes the space more comfortable and warm. The patterned floor enriches the layering of the space, and a simple reading corner is even created here.03. The division of solid wood flooring and patterned tiles not only makes the space fresh and comfortable, but also effectively divides the two spaces. The white double lattice doors and windows echo each other, giving the space an idyllic atmosphere.04. The two brass chandeliers above the central island look more stylish in comparison with the space. The woven carpet laid on the floor, the pure wood storage rack, and the pure wood bar chair on one side of the bar give the kitchen a simple atmosphere.05. The white bar is also the island of the kitchen. The orange flowers blooming on the table are the most eye-catching. The glass vase makes the space more refined. Do you also like this kind of kitchen? Might as well learn to use it in your own home.